Thursday, September 01, 2011

I write this only because I looked to find any and everything online about this company...and found nothing. (formerly Christian Book Distributer was fraudulent with me and I just wanted to warn anyone who might be looking to purchase bibles or Christian books online to steer clear of them. If their dealings with me were typical, the best I can say is that they are shady.

I placed an order for a case of bibles in April of 2011. In June, thinking that I must not have placed the order, I went to their website and placed the order again. I subsequently found where I had been charged in April. So I called and left a message on the voicemail to the company.
ALERT RED FLAG!!!!! no one ever answers the phone, when they call is always from a BLOCKED number, and they never respond via email.
A man responded to my call (from the BLOCKED number) and said "not to worry" I wouldn't be billed for that second charge and that my bibles should ship within a week or two. No such luck. My church card was charged twice and I never received any bibles. This led to another call and response from the BLOCKED phone number saying that they would issue credit for the full amount (nearly $1000) in the next 1-2 weeks. That was August 17th. Nothing.
So I've left emails and phone calls again, but now I have contacted my credit card company (FRAUD DIVISION) and received credit from them.
I just wanted anyone and everyone to know that if you are considering purchasing from DONT!!!!


Rehana Sulthan said...

Nice information, very useful.

Lisa said...

Great I wish I would have read this sooner. I too am having issues. I placed an order with them in July and have yet to recieve my case of Bibles. I have called them twice and will try to email. I have a feeling we will be out of luck with them.

Tray said...

Sorry Lisa, luckily I paid with a credit card and was refunded my money. If you did too..I would recommend calling them ASAP. There is a limit on the timeline in which they will do refunds. Hope your situation goes well.

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