Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lord, let me walk like ELI.

I went to see "The Book of Eli" last night. WARNING: if you have not seen the movie...then you may not want to read any more.
This moving starring Denzel Washington was a great movie. I must say that the premise was a post-apocalyptic account of a man who was guided by God to a place where he found the last remaining bible. He unearthed the bible hidden by debris and was told (by God) to take it west. Not knowing any more than that....he headed west....walking. He walked for 30 years, across the United States...not being deterred by anyone or anything that stood in his way. He read God's word EVERY DAY....placing it in his heart.
He was confronted by vandals, vagrants, murderers, a comfortable life, sex, money, water (of which there was little supply).
One of the key lines in the movie when he was talking to the young girl who fled with him....when she asked about the "old times" or pre-apocalypse....he said;
we had way too much, people used to throw away things we now kill each other for
(this may not be an exact quote...but its close)
As he fought off and killed those that would cause him harm, or keep him from what God called him to...he used uncanny skill in battle, and had unnatural ability to avert harm. He did however (eventually) forfeit the braille bible.
It wasn't until he reached the west coast of California...San Fransisco that we find out that he is blind and that he had walked for 30 years, fought and killed the bad guys and was directed only by his FAITH.
He then met up with a man that he completely orated the entire New King James Bible...which he had memorized.
The journey of Eli was so inspiring.....I was convicted that I live too much by sight... and not enough by faith. I was reminded that when faith is all that you is sufficient.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Well.....I did what I said I would NEVER do

This past Sunday I was given the opportunity to teach at ANC...and after only 2 years, I did it.
I was asked yesterday if there was anything different about studying God's word to preach vs. studying God's word for just me. I really think there is...
Obviously, when studying God's word for personal intake, you want God to speak to you through His word, but if He doesn't, or you are distracted, there is always tomorrow. No immediacy.
When I studied God's word in order to teach it, there was a weight to it that I had NEVER experienced before. There was a sense of expectancy that I had...for God to show me something, then allow me to directly relate it to my life so that I could communicate me.
This is another thing, when listening to guys sermons online....I have always thought...if I preach, I hope I sound like or can communicate with this guys passion. Well...I don't think I taught like anyone....I think it sounded a lot like me.
All that to say, I have a newfound respect for those that "Handle the Word" weekly, in order to teach. I enjoyed it, but my schedule doesn't have that much time to pull it together.

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